Liquid damage can cause serious problems with the internal circuitry of your phone/other electronic devices that can leave it unusable or even cause damage. If you have accidently dropped your phone in the toilet or your child has spilled water on your device; you have to act quick!

  1. Turn your device off/remove the battery (if possible)
  2. Place your device in rice; leave it for at least 5 hours to dry out any excess liquid.

If your device works like before after taking it out of the rice, then great. However, if it hasn’t, it is time to bring your device us so that we can take a look at it. We will diagnose your device and tell you whether or not it is recoverable and offer the best solution for your problem. We will try our utmost to restore your device to its previous working state. In some cases even if we are unable to save your device, we have the necessary skills and equipment to retrieve some if not all important information that you might need.